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Newsletter 2 - Plot Structure/Characters

Newsletter 2 - Plot Structure/Characters

In this newsletter, we'll explore the necessary steps to assure a sellable concept, draft an outline that hits all the marks, and learn how to interconnect the plot with the hero.

Concepts to Avoid

In the Concepts That Sell video, I stressed the importance of having a twist that applies to the entire plot. This naturally creates irony. I implore the writer to look for irony in movie concepts. For example, in the Wedding Planner, a woman who's never been married arranges weddings. Also, look for irony in real life. Do you have a cousin with lung cancer who won't stop smoking? Does your BFF tell you she wants to lose weight while eating a chocolate cake? Being aware of irony will help the aspiring screenwriter effectively plot screenplays for years to come.

With that said, there are concepts that should considered secondary, solely because they are more difficult to sell. Here are the types of concepts to avoid because they are very tough to sell, especially as an aspiring screenwriter:

Stories about Writers

Every writer has a story about a writer, and producers cringe when they see another one come across their desks. Consider this script a sample only and move on to other stories.

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