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Designed for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Screenwriters
Welcome to Fix My Screenplay

Fix my Screenplay was started by Hollywood Story Analyst, Barb Doyon, with three main objectives:

Objective #1 - Move the aspiring screenwriter or TV writer to an A-list level.
Objective #2 - Keep aspiring writers updated on current industry standards
Objective #3 - Teach screenwriters, TV writers and novelists Advanced Marketing Techniques


Published Every Thursday

Week 1 of each month, we'll cover the BASICS from screenwriting to how the industry works.
Week 2 of each month, we'll cover PLOT, STRUCTURE and CHARACTERS. Learn how to write concepts that sell. 
Week 3 of each month, we'll cover DIALOGUE AND SCENES. Learn how to write visual and dialogue subtext.
Week 4 of each month, we'll dive into ADVANCED MARKETING TECHNIQUES & show writers how to make money on-line.
Final Day of Each Month = Barb Doyon will answer questions regarding content currently on the website, in a special Q&A post.


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CONTENT INCLUDES: Weekly Newsletters that contain video instructions, audio instructions, long-form blogs, short-form articles, quizzes, assignments, case studies and much more.
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In future newsletters, Fix My Screenplay will be covering:

Novel Adaptations

Television Writing

Writing the Look Book (TV Pilot Bible)

Television Formats (PrimeTime, Cable & Streaming)

How to Pitch

How to Turn An Idea into a Hit Reality-TV Show

Meet the Hollywood Producers


Introverts' Guide to Becoming a Career Writer

Landing Writing Assignments

Industry Pro Interviews

...and much more.