Barb Doyon is a friendly and accessible professional in the writing arts, very experienced and full of wisdom to share. She is highly capable in helping bring your screenplay to the next level. -L.S. Reis, Screenwriter, Author Cinenovel "Storm Dragons"
Barb's advice helped market my pilot beyond the query and secured an option for my television series. I'm eternally grateful. - Tyson Wright, Optioned Television Series Writer
Barb's method of using video teasers to market your script to producers is nothing short of genius and a great way to build a fan base for your movie. - Farrin Rosenthal, Screenwriter
Ms. Doyon is one of the entertainment industry's most profound readers. - M. Price, Development Executive NBC Universal Television

Barb Doyon started her career in the entertainment industry at Walt Disney Studios where she worked in the press room writing press releases for Euro-Disney and Disney Sports. Occasionally, she helped Disney producers with coverages, which branched into Extreme Screenwriting, her Los Angeles-based screenplay and pilot coverage service. She is a Hollywood Story Analyst and ghostwriter, who has adapted 47 novels for motion picture productions.

Barb won the Award of Excellence in documentary writing and filmmaking from the Canada International Film Festival (2019). She was the keynote speaker at the Script to Screen Summit in Simsbury (2019) and she was featured in Miz Hollywood Magazine's January 2019 edition. In early 2022, she signed a 3-picture deal with Patriot Profiles Productions for Ronin 3.    

She is the author of the following books:        

Extreme Screenwriting: Screenplay Writing Simplified

Screenplay Format: Learn How to Format Like a Pro

Extreme Screenwriting: Television Writing

Turn Your Idea Into a Hit Reality-TV Show

Screenwriters' World Word Search Puzzle Book

Screenplay Notebook: Hollywood Story Analyst's Checklist

10 Ways to Get a Hollywood Agent to Call You


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