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Backdoor into Netflix


In a recent newsletter, we discussed a client who sold 5 projects in 14 months as a newbie without an agent. One of the projects was a feature-length RomCom that went to Netflix! To sell a RomCom requires adhering to the stringent rules for this genre.

RomCom has been the playground of the A-list screenwriters for decades, but the streaming platforms have changed the status quo. Producers consider this genre to be the most difficult to write. Therefore, making the screenwriter who succeeds in writing a marketable RomCom highly sought after by producers and agents.


If you've been struggling for years to break into the industry, this could be exactly what you're looking for. Unlike other genres, the RomCom can land a screenwriter a lifetime career in Hollywood. It's time to sit down and write a RomCom, but to make it succeed, you need to know the rules of the genre and how to market to a specific targeted audience.

The course's modules covers every rule for writing the RomCom in detail. Plus, it provides a RomCom Checklist, so you never miss a beat. In addition, the course covers the other romantic genres. Finally, and most importantly, the Marketing Module reveals an insider, backdoor way to market the RomCom that landed a client a feature-length RomCom with Netflix.

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